From UoB to UBC- a U21 fellowship blog


From Birmingham to BC

This blog will form a record of my Universitas 21  staff fellowship visit to the University of British Columbia  in May-June 2014. While I’m there Ill be researching personal and professional development for postgraduate researchers, including the Graduate Pathways to Success programme and academic writing support. I’ll also be attempting to not get lost in downtown Vancouver (much).

While I’ll be writing a formal report after the fellowship, I’ll be using this blog to record day to day thoughts, observations and reflections, and maybe even share a few photographs. If you’ve got suggestions for things I should see or do in Vancouver, let me know!


About me

As per my profile: Erika, Postgraduate Researcher Development Officer at the University of Birmingham. Creator/facilitator of University Graduate School development programmes. Interested in professional development, writing support, and cohort identity among postgraduate researchers. Enthusiastic knitter and accidental ice hockey fan.

Opinions are my own, not those of my employer.