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Apparently it wouldn’t be a real visit UBC without building work! This is the front of the building where I’ve been based. The car park is being torn up to be replaced with a garden. UBC is really committed to sustainability and aims to be a zero waste campus; I’ve quickly learned the ins and outs of separating out my rubbish, and catering even uses compostable pasta as coffee stirrers!

Yesterday I attended on of the CTLT Institute sessions. The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology runs a series of sessions on teaching and learning, and I attended one on elements of an online, learner-centred course in bacterial infection. As we are looking to move some of our offerings online, I was interested to see what elements worked, and if I could learn from facilitator Niamh Kelly’s years of experience in offering this course. I can see I’m going to have to think very carefully about how to promote and facilitate peer discussion online, and be very explicit about expectations at the beginning.

In the afternoon Jacqui and I met with Jackie Amsden from Simon Fraser University, another University in Vancouver. SFU are still developing their postgraduate and postdoc professional development, but I really liked the ideas around peer sessions feedback on skills inventories and personal statements for job searching we discussed. I was also interested to talk with her about how she uses Canvas e-portfolios as part of the assessment process for certain workshops. Maybe this is something we could consider for PGCARMS? More to investigate when I get back!


Author: Erika H

Erika Hawkes, Postgraduate Researcher Development Officer at the University of Birmingham. Creator/facilitator of University Graduate School development programmes. Interested in professional development, writing support, and cohort identity among postgraduate researchers. Enthusiastic knitter and accidental ice hockey fan. Opinions are my own, not those of my employer.

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