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First day on campus


After a weekend spent finding my feet in Vancouver, today was my first day on campus. I’d arrived right in the middle of Graduation, and there was a rather familiar feel of excitement and pride on campus as parents and graduating students gathered.

Also familiar? Turns out UBC has a clock tower too!


Not sure whether this one tweets like @oldjoeclock though.

Today I got an overview of the Graduate Pathways to Success programme from Jacqui Brinkman and chatted with Gillian Gerhard, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My favourite discovery of the day? The Grammar squirrelseries of videos. Maybe we could introduce a Grammar Swan….


Author: Erika H

Erika Hawkes, Postgraduate Researcher Development Officer at the University of Birmingham. Creator/facilitator of University Graduate School development programmes. Interested in professional development, writing support, and cohort identity among postgraduate researchers. Enthusiastic knitter and accidental ice hockey fan. Opinions are my own, not those of my employer.

4 thoughts on “First day on campus

  1. Our clock tower is much nicer though! Glad to hear you are safe and well and I do like the Grammar Squirrel resource.

  2. Glad you arrived safe and sound. What a lovely blue sky (although an inferior clocktower)! Jim has already been inspired by the Grammer Squirrel resource for our video. Hope you continue to find an interesting things 🙂

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